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With Instagram growing and growing (having reached 1 Billion monthly active users), brands have started opening their own Selfie museums in Monterrey, begging visitors to share their shows under dedicated hashtags. For this article, I tried to explain why brands are opening museums and how the fast growth of Instagram has changed the way we enjoy museums. Museums are changing The days when people were satisfied by simply looking at art in the museums are gone.

Nowadays, people want to be art, not just see art. Curators and artists are moving beyond made-for Instagram exhibitions to create immersive and interactive museums that inspire new levels of stimulation and engagement.

Not long ago, museums were trying to curb phone use and picture-taking. In the past year or two, no museum I visited asked me to leave the selfie stick at the door or not take photos. As many others, I enjoy savouring galleries my own way & I love taking pictures to what seems important to me, for my friends to see what I have experienced. But as museums are becoming more social media friendly, their policies are changing. To help spread the art, some museums even have signs with Photography encouraged.

Museo de la Selfie en Monterey
Selfie Museum in Monterrey

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